The Radiologist Sees All, Knows All

A CT Scanner.
Well, I went back to Kirklin Clinic for my 3-month follow-up, and dang if that darned tumor isn’t growing again. TACE didn’t stop it, ablation didn’t stop it. I think this time they are going to try hoodoo to get rid of it. Whatever they do, I hope they do it quickly. My insurance deductible and max out-of-pocket are paid through July, and for good measure I’ve persuaded the hospital to give me a break and consider me a charity case. (If I’m not, nobody is.) Without that, every CT scan costs me $1200, even with insurance.

By the way, does anyone know how to get rid of visceral fat? Everything I can find about it says you have to exercise. Isn’t there a lazy way to do it? At the clinic, I trudged up four flights of stairs as exercise. In high school, I would race up four flights of stairs two steps at a time. Those days are long gone, alas. Just 20 years ago I walked 2 miles home from work every night without a second thought. Now the 1-mile stroll to the nearest Walmart leaves me gasping for breath. But I have to get rid of that fat. Wikipedia saith that adipose tissue is practically an endocrine gland, producing …estradiol! No wonder my nipples are so sore.

Well, that nice nurse-practitioner is taking my case before the Tumor Board day after tomorrow, and they’ll decide what to do with it. My money’s on hoodoo. Anoint a candle for me. Write “Roy’s Tumor” on a piece of paper and burn it. Or put it in a bottle and throw it over your shoulder into a stream, then walk away without looking back.

Until next time, stay healthy and don’t commit any capital crimes.

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