Cancer free for now….

Well, after the TACE, they had to do ablation on me to get the last sliver. I hope I don’t need many more of those–they punched me full of holes! I’ll find out tomorrow–it’s CT time again.┬áStill,┬áthe only long-term cure will come from a liver transplant. My insurance will cover most of the cost, but a little chunk of $300K is still a lot for a guy who makes $11 an hour. My GoFundMe page has earned me all of $200. Why do babies get all the money? Old people need it too!
Dear old Mom.
But the main problem with a liver transplant is dear old Mom. She’s almost 89 and can’t much get around any more. I live in her house, driving her to appointments, doing all the shopping, cooking and washing of dishes. (Other than that I agree with Quentin Crisp, who said, “There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.”) A liver transplant would have me staying for several weeks in Birmingham, being taken to UAB frequently to get my anti-rejection cocktail tweaked. Then another 3 months to recuperate, during which I am not allowed to drive. Who’ll look after the two of us then? I have some cousins nearby, but they have other things to do. My nearest sibling is 600 miles away. Friends? We don’t get out much. I can’t afford to hire someone to do everything for us. It just seems impossible.

Then again, people manage to do things that seem impossible every day. If any of my beautiful readers think their experiences would be of use, please comment!

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